Is this possible to properly use CefSharp.Winforms.ChromiumWebBrowser in NUnit? Running the tests in Nunit Console Runner, using CefSharp.WinForms 71.0.1 with NUnit 3.10.1 I have been able to properly load CefSharp binaries using NUnit settings --domain=None --inprocess, and then to display some simple web page in ChromiumWebBrowser (with unresponsive UI though).

However, it looks like the ChromiumWebBrowser has not loaded correctly: IsBrowserInitializedChanged and FrameLoadEnd events are not fired at all.

I'm aware that CefSharp may apply app domain / process policies that contradict those imposed by NUnit.

My idea for a workaround is to move that ChromiumWebBrowser to a separate process (just for tests), communicate with that process using named pipe and run the assertions in Nunit tests project.

The questions here are: 1. Is this possible to display the ChromiumWebBrowser in the tests process, am I missing something? 2. Are better workaround solutions applicable here?

  • No matter if it possible or not: you should not create UI elements in unit tests at all. That is not what unit tests are designed for. For intergration tests you should use Selenium for example. – Mighty Badaboom Apr 3 at 11:43
  • You can use the Nunit Console Runner, see github.com/cefsharp/CefSharp/issues/700#issuecomment-297209620 Little outdated, the concept is still valid. – amaitland Apr 4 at 1:56
  • @amaitland I am just using that approach – soliloquyy Apr 4 at 4:58
  • What does your code look like? – amaitland Apr 4 at 6:44
  • Remember that WinForms isn't designed to be unit tested, so you'll have to jump though extra hoops. The Off screen version is better suited – amaitland Apr 4 at 6:48

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