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I wrote this :

val result = df.withColumn("Ind", when($"color" === "Green", 1).otherwise(0))

And I want to extend the condition $"color" === "Green" to $"color" in ["GREEN", "RED", "YELLOW"]

Any idea how to do this please ?

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You could use


Code example:

val df2 = df.withColumn("Ind", 
when($"color".isin("GREEN","RED","YELLOW"), 1).otherwise(0))


| color|Ind|
|   RED|  1|
| GREEN|  1|
|YELLOW|  1|
|  PINK|  0|

A quick search revealed a similar question already answered in stack-overflow: Spark SQL - IN clause


You should be able to check the column against a list with:

val result = df.withColumn("Ind",
  when($"color".in("GREEN", "RED", "YELLOW"), 1).otherwise(0))
  • This is deprecated though, you should use isin instead even though it's the exact same method. – Adrien Brunelat Apr 3 at 11:57

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