I have HTML I want to give border-bottom property to the <Label> element which is a child of <StackLayout>.

My problem is the border-bottom is taking full width like a div in the web. I want this Label element to be inline like a span so that it's width should not be more than its content width.

    <StackLayout *ngIf="!places.length">
       <Label (tap)="onSearch()" class="fo-20 m-t-20 opensans-bold text-center p-b-5"
         borderBottomColor="#F16051" borderBottomWidth="2" text="View All Activities"></Label>

Below is the layout I'm getting now. But I don't want that orange line to be end to end. Instead its width should always be equal to the text present inside that Label.

enter image description here


Instead of StackLayout, you can have FlexboxLayout with the justifyContent="center".

<FlexboxLayout justifyContent="center" *ngIf="!places.length">
  <Label (tap)="onSearch()" class="fo-20 m-t-20 opensans-bold text-center p-b- 
   5" borderBottomColor="#F16051" borderBottomWidth="2" text="View All 
   Activities"> . 


Try setting horizontalAlignment on Label to center

<Label horizontalAlignment="center" ... 

Add horizontalAlignment="center" to the label. This will center the component, making it only the size it needs to have.

Example playground: https://play.nativescript.org/?template=play-vue&id=8kZUFY

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