In Armadillo I want to save many row vectors into a matrix. I can change an entry of a matrix A with:

arma:mat A(10,10, 0); // create a 10x10 matrix filled with zeros.
A(i,j) = 1.23; // set element at positon (i,j) to 1.23.

Is there a way of changing an entire row of the matrix at once? e.g.:

arma::rowvec V(10); // a row vector of length 10.
A(i) = V; //write entire rowvector V into matrix at position i.

I know I can use A.insert_rows(i, V); to insert my Vector V into the matrix, but I want to replace it. In my code I already know the dimensions of my matrix. I could also append the rows at the and, but I read somewhere that the code runs faster, if I don't change the size of the matrix and instead initialize it with the right size. If anyone's interested I am writing a programm that is solving differential equations and I need to write the system state (a vector) into an array (an Armadillo Matrix) in order to save the timeseries.

I thought I could use armadillo matrices, because my system state is an armadillo vector. I looked around in Armadillo's documentation but I cannot find a proper way to to this. (Proper meaning anything other than writing a loop that iterates over all entries of my vector - I know C++ is doing something like this internally, but my guess is that using armadillo functions would be faster).


Use submatrix views. Some examples:

arma::mat A(10,10, arma::fill::zeros);
arma::rowvec V(10, arma::fill::randu);

A.row(2) = V;
  • Thank you very much! That has been very very helpful! It's actually so obvious when I think about it now. I probably didn't understand the documentation... – exocortex Apr 4 at 13:16

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