I have a form that has 4 fields. I want to use FieldArray to be able to add/remove forms. I am looking at this example but finding it hard to apply to typescript. For example, I am getting an error for having the lambda function being inside the onClick as this is now forbidden in ts. Do I need to use interfaces?

Many thanks in advance.

import { Field, FieldArray, reduxForm } from 'redux-form'
import validate from './validate'

const renderField = ({ input, label, type, meta: { touched, error } }) => (
      <input {...input} type={type} placeholder={label} />
      {touched && error && <span>{error}</span>}

const renderHobbies = ({ fields, meta: { error } }) => (
      <button type="button" onClick={() => fields.push()}>
        Add Hobby
    {fields.map((hobby, index) => (
      <li key={index}>
          title="Remove Hobby"
          onClick={() => fields.remove(index)}
          label={`Hobby #${index + 1}`}
    {error && <li className="error">{error}</li>}

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While lambda inside onClick are discouraged due to the performance impact you can go for them by disabling the tslint rule "jsx-no-lambda": false.

If you prefer to disable the rule only for this file see https://palantir.github.io/tslint/usage/rule-flags/

The other way is to declare your function inside the map like:

{fields.map((hobby, index) => {
    const doSomething = () => fields.remove(index)
    return <li....>

(Not sure this will solve the performance though)

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