I have some integration tests for a RESTful application written in Java using Dropwizard. The test suite runs fine until eventually it hangs and I get an exception with C3P0PooledConnectionPoolManager: java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: Too many connections

I identified that the connections are not being cleaned up after each test using C3P0Registry.getPooledDataSources(), but I misdiagnosed the problem as not closing my jersey response entities, as detailed here: https://jersey.github.io/documentation/latest/client.html#d0e5255

Many of the tests are checking for just a status code, so it made sense to me that this would be happening (In the link it states: "If you don't read the entity, then you need to close the response manually by response.close()"). However, after fixing this problem and ensuring that each entity was closed, I'm still getting persistent connections between tests.

I'm using DropwizardAppRule as a Class Rule and after creation at the beginning and end of each test run, I can call to close the client that is associated with the rule, but the connections remain open. My C3P0ConnectionPool gains 3 connections per test class that is run and I can't figure out a way to stop it from growing with each new class that is added.

ClassRule snippet:

    public static final DropwizardAppRule<MicroServiceCoreConfiguration> RULE =
            new DropwizardAppRule<>(App.class, ResourceHelpers.resourceFilePath("./config.yml"));

Will update with any information that is requested!

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