I have several interesting questions. I am using mongoose and node.js Let's imagine I have a schema called Actor and all questions will be about it.

1) const saveActor = await Actor.save();

Does this throw an exception all the time or is it mandatory and precaution to check it like the following? :

if(saveActor) return "success"; else return "error"; ?

2) const actor = Actor.findByIdAndUpdate("5ca509acd0ddef4d1c1c892f", someotheroptions);

If not found, it returns null. So, I must check if it returns null - Does it mean the document was not found? What about the update? What if update doesn't work - Does it throw an exception all the time or does it sometimes return null?

3) What about other mongoose functions? findByIdAndRemove? what is the sum up? Do they throw exceptions all the time or sometimes? I can't find this information in docs.


1: const saveActor = await Actor.save().

saveActor will contain the success return value. If error occurred, it'll throw and error which you've to catch; for async/await syntax it's done like:

try {
  const saveActor = await Actor.save();
} catch (e) {

2: const actor = Actor.findByIdAndUpdate("5ca509acd0ddef4d1c1c892f", someotheroptions)

If the query was successful:

  1. there was no matching entry, then it will return null. So, I must check if it returns null - Does it mean the document was not found? -> Yes
  2. if a match was found, it will return the successfull operation value (the document which was updated)

If error occurred, throws an error. If you're using callback, error will be passed to the callback as param. If you're using thenables or Promise/async await then you'll have to catch.

3: Different method have different return type. For example (from docs):


  «Model» The model associated with name. Mongoose will create the model if it doesn't already exist.




As for errors, in general, if the method accepts callback, error is a parameter like (err, doc) => { if (err) console.error(err) ... }

If you're not passing callback, then it's usually thenables or Promise (more here). It's handled like Actor.findByIdAndUpdate("5ca509acd0ddef4d1c1c892f", someotheroptions).then(data => console.log(data)).catch(err => console.error(err)) etc.

Full mongoose API. Refer MDN for Promise and async/await

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