I've created two roles in WSO2 IS v5.7.0. The 1st one '_login' is in 'Primary' domain. The 2nd one 'Manager' is in 'Application' domain. I try to search the group by display name like this. The first query is OK, but the 2nd query returns empty response. Could you help?
1st query: curl -v -k --user admin:xxx 'https://localhost:9444/scim2/Groups?filter=displayName+eq+_login'
2nd query:curl -v -k --user admin:xxx 'https://localhost:9444/scim2/Groups?filter=displayName+eq+Application/Manager'


Roles starting from Application/ are special kind of Internal role dedicated to represent service providers.

EX: Suppose you create a service provider with name xxx. There will be a automatically created role Application/xxx. Service provider xxx will be visible to only users belong to Application/xxx role.

It's a good practice to keep roles starting Application/ away from general user management stuff.

  • My user who makes the request belongs to the target Application/xxx role but the API still returns no results. What else is needed? – Vassilis Barzokas Aug 21 at 11:57

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