In my manga viewer i try to load a large number of images (around 200), i try loading these images inside an anonymous thread and when the loading finishes i call a Thread.synchronize, this works fine, but in some cases i keep seeing some images not drawn on the form (I think they are loaded because i can see the information about the image), how can i solve this?

This issue only happens in multi thread so i decided to set the image visible to false and then at the end of the loading inside a Thread.synchronize turn the visible to true, i had hoped this would force some kind of refresh or redraw, but the problem i mentioned consists

      for imageIndex := 0 to fileList.count - 1 do
        filePath := fileList[imageIndex]
        //Please note that mImageList is an array of FMX.Objects.TImage 
        //which was filled when the Form is created (I create 300 TImage 
        //at Form create and later i load the images to the bitmap when 
        //the user clicks on a new directory(Chapter)

          mImageList[imageIndex].tagString := filePath;
          mImageList[imageIndex].Scale := mImageScale;
          mImageList[imageIndex].Visible := false;

      TThread.Synchronize(nil, procedure
          I: Integer;
          for I := Low(mImageList) to High(mImageList) do
            mImageList[I].Visible := true;

I expect that when i scroll down through the images loaded on the form, i can see them all and they all get drawn on the form properly.

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    What is mImageList? – Tom Brunberg Apr 4 at 6:18
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    Looks awfully like you access UI controls outside the UI thread – David Heffernan Apr 4 at 6:49
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    @aliahmadi, accessing UI controls in a thread <> UI thread, is not safe. – LU RD Apr 4 at 8:49
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    It means TImage is not thread safe. It is not meant to be accessed from background thread. Delphi 10,2 Tokyo introduced multithreading support for TBitmap, TCanvas, and TContext3D so if you use that version or newer you can load your images in TBitmap inside background thread and then assign that bitmaps to TImage controls in UI thread. – Dalija Prasnikar Apr 4 at 8:51
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    Look again at you code. The code in Synchronize executes in the UI thread. Look at the code in the anon thread that is not inside the Synchronize call. – David Heffernan Apr 4 at 9:39

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