I need to migrate/clone a project that is in https://codesandbox.io/s/8zro6m4kj9 is a list in Dojo (I do not know the version), but it is a file with extension .ts (TypeScript).

I tried to download the project and run it, then I tried to install Dojo 5, and finally I try to compile the ts.

In short, days ago I am trying to run this project on my server. In simple words could you explain how I can manage to migrate this project?


Export you project via File > Export as zip. Then unpack it and run npm install. When that is ready run npm install -g @dojo/cli and npm i @dojo/cli-build-app because your project needs to be build by Dojo. This will install the cli for Dojo and all that is needed to build your app.

Run dojo build to build the application. You can run dojo build --mode dev --watch memory --serve to startup a local development server.

  • Thanks, I will try it. – Carlos Apr 11 at 10:39

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