I would like to use a foreach loop as an expression (just for fun) but i'm not able to do it, and i'm stuck on it

In my example i want to convert a String to a bytecode representation of this String.

What's working, but is ugly in my opinion

fun bytecoderepr(arg: String):String {
    var bcr:String = ""
    arg.toByteArray().forEach {
        bcr += it.toString()
    return bcr

Works as expected and returns "10399111110102524848" for "gconf400"

What's not working, but i'd like to achieve

fun bytecoderepr(arg: String):String =

Won't compile because foreach requires an "action".

I can convert my array to string, but it dont return the bytcode representation but a conversion in string of bytecodes

fun bytecoderepr(arg: String):String =

Returns "[B@1a407d53"


You can use joinToString function:

fun bytecoderepr(arg: String) = arg.toByteArray().joinToString("")
  • Thanks that's perfect ! – Gautier Apr 4 at 9:41

Another option is, you could do java.util.Arrays.toString(arg.toByteArray()).

It's less method invocations and compact than joinToString("") but less flexible (for ex: cannot specify the separator).

  • Yeah, but it prints [103, 99, 111, 110, 102, 52, 48, 48] – Feedforward Apr 4 at 9:35
  • Yes, mentioned in the answer. – Laksitha Ranasingha Apr 4 at 12:04

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