So I was trying to make a simple awaitable struct that allow my to return a bool:

// define a special container for returning results
public struct BoolResult {
    public bool Value;
    public BoolAwaiter GetAwaiter () {
        return new BoolAwaiter(Value);

// make the interface task-like
public readonly struct BoolAwaiter : INotifyCompletion {
    private readonly bool _Input;

    // wrap the async operation
    public BoolAwaiter (bool value) {
        _Input = value;

    // is task already done (yes)
    public bool IsCompleted {
        get { return true; }

    // wait until task is done (never called)
    public void OnCompleted (Action continuation) => continuation?.Invoke();

    // return the result
    public bool GetResult () {
        return _Input;

And I was using it like:

private async BoolResult LoadAssets (string label) {
    // some await asyncFunction here

    // then at the end
    return new BoolResult { Value = true };

But I still get this compile error:

error CS1983: The return type of an async method must be void, Task or Task<T>

I thought my BoolResult was already Task-like? What's the issue here?

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    Is BoolResult a Task or Task<T>? – mjwills Apr 4 at 12:41
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    dammit, had a long answer in progress... oh well; short version: your type is awaitable at the consumer side, i.e. await someBoolResult - but you need extra glue for it to work on the producer side, i.e. async BoolResult in a method signature. However, the code you show doesn't actually need async in the signature - if you remove the async from private async BoolResult, it should work and should be awaitable at the consumer – Marc Gravell Apr 4 at 12:46
  • @MarcGravell I wasn't completely sure of the duplicate, since I then found this that suggests something more like this code should be supported. Was that closure good? – SO used to be good Apr 4 at 12:48
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    @CamiloTerevinto yeah, I think it is good - I just added a tiny bit of context / clarification about producer vs consumer. The link you posted to is also talking about consumer, which again : is fine; the actual question here, and in the dup-close, is : about producer. So: yeah, close is fine, I think – Marc Gravell Apr 4 at 12:53
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    just as some guidance for @bitinn - the number of times you should roll your own awaitable is now basically zero; I have an in-progress (i.e. incomplete) blog post talking about this at great length, but if possible: prefer ValueTask<bool>. There are great ways of doing this that bypass Task even in the incomplete case. – Marc Gravell Apr 4 at 12:54

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