My drawVertices(...) has been provided with paint as below

   val paint = Paint().apply {
        style = Paint.Style.STROKE
        strokeCap = Paint.Cap.ROUND
        strokeJoin = Paint.Join.ROUND
        isAntiAlias = true
        textAlign = Paint.Align.CENTER
        textSize = resources.dpToPx(30)
        color = Color.RED
        strokeWidth = resources.dpToPx(8)

    val verts = floatArrayOf(0f, 0f, width.toFloat(), 0f, width/2f, height/2f,
        width/2f, height/2f, 0f, height.toFloat(), width.toFloat(), height.toFloat())

        verts.size, verts, 0,
        null, 0,
        null, 0,
        indices, 0, indices.size,

However the vertices is drawn is still back in color, and with a seemingly 1px with line. So regardless of what I change my paint into (e.g. Color.RED)

Is the paint not really used in drawVertices? (I try put null, it fail to compile)

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