I have a flask application that contains a page using a dynamic URL. within the page, I am trying to return one entry (filtered by row & column) from an SQL database based on the dynamic URL.

Flask code:

def dynamicName(dynamicName):
    return render_template('dynamicName.html',targetField=db.query.filter_by(id=dynamicName).with_entities(db.targetField))

As you can see, I am using SQLalchemy to make this call. However, when I attempt to display the variable 'targetField' in the website ({{targetField}}), all that is returned is a (syntax correct) SQL call, but the WHERE condition hasn't parsed correctly:

SELECT db.`targetField` AS `db_targetField` FROM db WHERE db.id = %(id_1)s

Does the way that flask/SQLalchemy is structured, or is there something wrong with my code?

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