I try to write a small communication program with an Arduino using the GNAT.Serial_Communications package.

Establishing the communication to the Arduino works fine. I'm using the Serial_Communications.Read() function to get the Information. Now I want to convert the data stored in a Stream_Element_Array into an Integer.

I tried the Integer'Value() function but it's not working and I receive the error message: expected type "Standard.String"

Using String'Value() results in: prefix of value attribute must be scalar type.

I can't find any information about the conversion of a Stream_Element_Array.

  (Port => Port,
   Name => Port_Name);

  (Port      => Port,
   Rate      => Serial_Communications.B115200,
   Bits      => Serial_Communications.CS8,
   Stop_Bits => Serial_Communications.One,
   Parity    => Serial_Communications.Even);

  Serial_Communications.Read(Port  => Port,
                             Buffer => Buffer,
                             Last   => Last);

  Int_value := Integer'Value(String'Value(Buffer(1)));

  Serial_Communications.Close(Port => Port);
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    Please show us what it is that you’re sending to the Arduino: e.g. "12345" or 0x30, 0x39 or ... – Simon Wright Apr 4 at 15:16

From what I've seen in the ARM, a Stream_Element is a modular type and should by the way already be cast to an Integer type.

Something like

Int_value := Integer(Buffer(Buffer'First));

should directly work but I didn't test anything ;)

  • Worked. Thank you! – Julia Scheidinger Apr 4 at 20:03
  • Great ! Don't forget to mark your question as answered by clicking on the tick left to the correct answer ;) – Frédéric Praca Apr 5 at 6:56

The type GNAT.Serial_Communications.Serial_Port is an extension to Ada.Streams.Root_Stream_Type:

type Serial_Port is new Ada.Streams.Root_Stream_Type with private;

This means that you can use it as a stream and therefore use the Read attribute (see ARM 13.13 for details). Furthermore, I would recommend to use an integer type from the Interfaces package rather than the Ada Integer type as all Ada integer types are defined by a minimal range to be supported and have no mandated storage size (see ARM 3.5.4 (21) and ARM B.2 for details).

The following example might help:

with Interfaces;
with GNAT.Serial_Communications;

procedure Main is

   package SC renames GNAT.Serial_Communications;

   Port_Name :         SC.Port_Name := "COM1";
   Port      : aliased SC.Serial_Port;

   Int_Value : Interfaces.Integer_8;


     (Port => Port,
      Name => Port_Name);

     (Port      => Port,
      Rate      => SC.B115200,
      Bits      => SC.CS8,
      Stop_Bits => SC.One,
      Parity    => SC.Even); 

   --  Check Interfaces package for types other than "Integer_8".
   Interfaces.Integer_8'Read (Port'Access, Int_Value);

   SC.Close(Port => Port);

end Main;

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