In firemonkey, when adding a circle it comes with a black border. I want to get rid of this border.

When adding a TCircle to fmx and changing its color it looks like the picture below.

circle with black border

I want it without the border, like the one below.

circle without black border


Follow the steps below

  1. Select the TCircle
  2. Go to its Fill property in the Object Inspector
  3. Click in the three dots in front of (Brush)
  4. A pop up comes up, in the top menu select border, then select none.

To illustrate.

click here to change stroke

  • Shouldn't it be Stroke not Fill? – Jerry Dodge Apr 4 at 16:08
  • When you click in Fill, it will pop up a window with stroke. That was why I delayed to find it. – Soon Santos Apr 4 at 16:09

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