I need to save HLL sketches into BigQuery from ApacheBeam.

I found some extension library for Apache-Beam that does it:

But I can't find a way to save the sketch itself to BigQuery. to be able to use it later with merge function and other functions by some time sliding: see this link

my code:

 .apply("hll-count",  Combine.perKey(ApproximateDistinct.ApproximateDistinctFn
.apply("reify-windows", Reify.windows())
                    .apply("to-table-row", ParDo.of(new DoFn< ValueInSingleWindow<KV<GroupByData,HyperLogLogPlus>>, TableRow>() {
                        public void processElement(ProcessContext processContext) {
                            ValueInSingleWindow<KV<GroupByData,HyperLogLogPlus>> windowed = processContext.element();
                            KV<GroupByData, HyperLogLogPlus> keyData = windowed.getValue();
                            GroupByData key = keyData.getKey();

                            HyperLogLogPlus hyperLogLogPlus = keyData.getValue();
                            if (key != null) {

                                TableRow tableRow = new TableRow();
                                tableRow.set("event", key.event);
                                tableRow.set("profile", key.profile);

                                 tableRow.set("occurrences", hyperLogLogPlus.cardinality());

I just found how to do hyperLogLogPlus.cardinality() but how can write the buffer itself, in way I can run on it later merge function, in BiGQuery.

Using hyperLogLogPlus.getBytes also didn't work for merge.


Currently this functionality is not supported by Apache Beam, but there are people working on it.

To be specific: The extension library in Apache Beam you mentioned depends on this HyperLogLog implementation. The sketches produced by this library is not consistent with the sketches computed by Google Cloud BigQuery. So it wouldn't make sense to merge sketches in BigQuery.

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