I'm using PostgreSQL JDBC, and I have a connection for some select and insert queries. Some queries take some time, so I added a timeout. The problem is that the timeout closes the connection, but the query is still executed in the db server and it creates locks.

A simplified code for the problem (The real code is much complex and bigger, but it doesn't matter):

    PGPoolingDataSource source = new PGPoolingDataSource();
    source.setSocketTimeout(5); // Timeout of 5 seconds

    // Insert a row data, and make timeout
    Connection con = source.getConnection();
    try {
        Statement st2 = con.createStatement();
        st2.execute("insert into data.person values (4, 'a')");

        Statement st3 = con.createStatement();
        st3.executeQuery("select pg_sleep(200)"); // A query which takes a lot of time and causes a timeout
    } catch (SQLException ex) {

        if (!con.isClosed()) {

    Connection con2 = source.getConnection();
    try {
        Statement st2 = con2.createStatement();

        // This insert query is locked because the query before is still executed, and the rollback didn't happen yet, and the row with the id of 4 is not released
        st2.execute("insert into data.person values (4, 'b')");
    } catch (SQLException ex) {

        if (!con2.isClosed()) {

(data.person is a table with id and name.)

The timeout closes the connection, and it didn't even get to the line con.rollback(); . I have read that when an exception occurs on a query it does rollback in the background, so it is ok.

But the query takes a lot of time (a few hours) and as a result, the rollback will occur after the big select query has finished. So, I can't add the row to data.person for several hours (The second time I try to insert, I get a timeout exception because it waits for the lock to be released...).

I have read that I can use the function pg_terminate_backend in PostgreSQL to terminate the query, and so I can execute the insert query the second time.

My questions are :

1) How safe it is?

2) How common this solution is?

3) Is there a safer solution that JDBC or PostgreSQL provide?

  • you can set timeout for postgresql server have a look here dba.stackexchange.com/questions/164419/… because your close function only closes your java client connection with DB. – begin29 Apr 4 '19 at 17:39
  • thanks @VadymMotsukh , but It wont be right for my project. I only need timeout on the connections with this PGPoolingDataSource . For other connections, it is ok that they will run for some hours. – user3927415 Apr 4 '19 at 17:46
  • check that answer stackoverflow.com/questions/11291456/… you can try "pg_cancel_backend" for soft stop query – begin29 Apr 4 '19 at 17:52

pg_terminate_backend will work and is the safe and correct procedure if you want to interrupt the query and close the database connection.

There is also pg_cancel_backend which will interrupt the query but leave the connection open.

These functions require that you know the process ID of the session backend process, which you can get with the pg_backend_pid function.

You must run these statements on a different database connection than the original one!

Another, probably simpler method is to set the statement_timeout. This can be set in the configuration file or for an individual session or transaction. To set it for a transaction, use:

BEGIN;  -- in JDBC, use setAutoCommit(false)
SET LOCAL statement_timeout = 30000;  -- in milliseconds
SELECT /* your query */;
  • Thanks! helped a lot :) – user3927415 Apr 4 '19 at 18:10

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