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I'm looking at the feasibility of creating a dynamic JSON service within my app that will link to outlying JSON services and pull in similar data (but it will have different names). That way, I won't have to create a JSON object / mapping for the 1000's of services that this will be connecting to. My thoughts are to create a mapping between the different JSON services and mine using a configuration created with in the app.

I'm able to create a dynamic JSON object from JSON data using this:

    private static void Deserialize(string szJsonData)
        dynamic dObj = JObject.Parse(szJsonData);

But to access data within that dynamic object, it appears I still need to know the name and access it like this:

string name = dObj.name;

What would make this feasible is if I could do something like this:

string nameMapping = "name";
string name = dObj[nameMapping];

Which would allow me to configure a dynamic mapping back to data within my app.

Any ideas on how this could be accomplished?

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  • you can map the object with de propertyReflection check the properties names of the object, and compare with nameMapping it could work – Black Hole Apr 4 at 18:15
  • If using BSON isn't any issue, you can also parse strings to BsonDocument and run through its elements like a dictionary and can even use the notation dObj[nameMapping] as you specified. MongoDB.Bson is a good library for such. – Aman Agnihotri Apr 4 at 18:23
  • 3
    Don't assign your JObject to a dynamic variable. JObject already supports the syntax you want. JObject jObj = JObject.Parse(szJsonData); string name = jObj["name"]; – Brian Rogers Apr 4 at 19:00
  • Oh wow! You are right! That works! THANKS! – DaBlue Apr 4 at 20:57
  • So duplicate of How to get property from dynamic JObject programmatically then? – dbc Apr 5 at 5:11

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