I am running a build through adb command,

adb install myapp.apk

In the console, I get the message, Performing streamed install

What does this mean.

enter image description here

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PackageManager has 2 CLI interfaces - legacy pm and new cmd package.

The legacy installation process required uploading the .apk file to /data/local/tmp folder first. The new process has the (default) option of using pipelines instead of the temporary file. This option is called Streamed Install.

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    Can you briefly explain what do you mean by "using pipes"?
    – Jack
    Apr 4, 2019 at 22:11

It seems to be the previously installed application and caused the cache to be unable to continue. I have tried many ways and the simplest way to fix it is to restart your phone or virtual machine


in my case, This error shows when my virtual device storage is full. I created a new virtual device again and the problem was solved.

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