I have developed my own simple discord bot (with discord.js) and deployed it to a node server. Everything is running fine.

Now I want to add some more features to it. During development I'd like to test it locally (of course).

Question is: Can I run my bot locally and test it without disrupting my currently running bot?

If not:
Do I need another bot/token instance?
How can I test my bot without disrupting my currently running bot?


The problem is, when you use the same token for your local bot and for your bot, that is hosted on your node server, it has a total of 2 instances.

  • Bot on Node server = 1 instance of the bot
  • Bot on local server = 1 instance of the bot

Which makes a total of 2 instances of the same bot, what you don't want, because then, whenever you execute a command, where the bot is on, it executes the command twice.

Therefore, if I were you, I would create another bot application here and use this new bot to test the bot's new features locally.

99% of all bot developers do it like this, because they don't interrupt the main bot with this method.

  • Makes you wonder how many "dev bots" are out there on Discord. I was hoping there was some sort of tool developed by Discord to let us use the same token for testing and production, but I guess that's not the case (yet?). – Zebiano Feb 3 at 14:30

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