I have created my solr instances as informed in the tutorial https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/7_6/solr-tutorial.html

Having indexed my web pages I noticed that solr adds 'Z' into every time stamp to inform that the time stamp should be considered as UTC-time. This goes wrong as my time stamps are in East-Europen time. There is variable 'SOLR_TIMEZONE' in file solr-7.6.0/bin/solr.in.sh, but when I changed it and re-crated my solr instance nothing was changed.

How can I take those definitions (in solr.in.sh) into use ?

  • Solr always uses UTC internally - if I remember correctly the SOLR_TIMEZONE parameter only makes sure that when importing data, it's correctly converted to UTC time. When doing range searches etc, you can use the TZ parameter to set the query timezone – MatsLindh Apr 5 at 8:42

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