I researched other articles about font-size calculation but seem none of them could answer my question.

A page can be reviewed from https://yckelvin.github.io/share/mobile-css.html

The font base of the container is set to 14px, the font-size of first-level is correct at 21px, but for the second-level, 14 x 1.5 x 15 = 31.5 but the inspector show the font-size is 36.55. How the em calculate the font-size?

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The resulting size = (parent font size in PX) * (em)

So for "First container > First Level" text:

  • parent font size in px = 14
  • em = 1.5
  • resulting size = 14 * 1.5 = 21px

Then for "First container > First Level > Second Level" text:

  • parent font size in px = 21
  • em = 1.5
  • resulting size = 21 * 1.5 = 31.5px

Say that your goal for the "First container > First Level > Second Level" text is to have it be 5px, you should do

  • parent font size in px = 21
  • resulting size goal in px = 5
  • em = 5 / 21 = .23em

When I view your page, I get 31.5px as the computed font. If you are getting weird values, I suggest starting with a normalize or reset css sheet.

site with dev tools open


Ich visited your site and the element #first-container div.first-level div.second-level renders correctly at 31.5px for me. Looks just fine on latest Chrome and FF.

font-size: 14px; computed 14px

#first-container div.first-level
font-size: 1.5em; computed 21px
14px x 1.5 = 21px

#first-container div.first-level div.second-level
font-size: 1.5em; computed 31.5px
21px x 1.5 = 31.5px

  • The inspector shown the rendered result by a mobile Chrome, is there any difference? – Kelvin Apr 5 at 10:52
  • The font-size is correctly computed if I view from Desktop Chrome. – Kelvin Apr 5 at 13:27
  • No difference. Still 31.5px when I look at it. Weird. If you open the "font-size" in your filter-section, one should see the cascading styles. What does it say? – Daniel Sixl Apr 5 at 15:48
  • May I know what brand and model of mobile phone you view the page? The screenshot capture from my question was from mobile Chrome inspector. – Kelvin Apr 5 at 15:56

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