Is is possible to tweak VSCode so that when function gets autocompleted it is written with () instead of just plain function name?

For example when I type str and autocomplete to strlen I would like to get strlen(), it saves quite some time.


It can be solved by ticking javascript.suggest.completeFunctionCalls property up. Run code snippet to see the gif.

<div style='position:relative; padding-bottom:calc(40.34% + 44px)'><iframe src='https://gfycat.com/ifr/CleverActualHornbill' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='100%' height='100%' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0;' allowfullscreen></iframe></div>


For Python when using the Python extension the relevant setting is:


  • If you are using Pylance, relevant setting is python.analysis.completeFunctionParens as mentioned here yesterday

Some language extensions allow using ( as a so-called "commit character" to trigger the insertion of a completion item. This works in at least TypeScript, JavaScript and Haxe.

If "editor.autoClosingBrackets" has not been disabled, this will also auto-insert the closing ).

If it doesn't work for a particular language extension, perhaps consider opening a feature request on the repository in question.

  • Thanks, it works great on JS! Now I need to find a way to make it work with PHP. Apr 8 '19 at 6:28
  • 1
    That has to be handled by the language extension. Perhaps you open a feature request on the PHP extension / check if they would accept a pull request with this feature.
    – Gama11
    Apr 8 '19 at 8:51
  • This does not work with Flutter as well after toggling the option mentioned above! Every time I have to add the brackets manually :D - SG
    – SSG
    Feb 9 at 22:15

For C and C++, use this setting:

    "C_Cpp.autocompleteAddParentheses": true

in settings.json file Set "python.autoComplete.addBrackets": true.

set "python.autoComplete.addBrackets": true

  • Please consider including the code itself rather than (just) a screenshot, as the former is more accessible and allows text searching and copying.
    – kelvin
    May 22 at 17:45

It's possible. You can create your own snippets, and it will be shown in the intellisense: User Defined snippets. You can also use snippet-creator extension for comfort.


If you are working in flutter, try resetting all settings of VS Code because it do add parentheses by default.


Just like @snr's solution in JavaScript.

For TypeScript, you can try this:

"typescript.suggest.completeFunctionCalls": true

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