Running code in Edge extension throws a TypeError, unable to get property 'create' of undefined or null reference.

I have tried running it in both the popup and background scripts. I have the notifications permissions in the manifest. I did see that some APIs require being run in the content script, but since I'm not engaging the tabs or web pages, I don't think that applies to me...?


  "name": "xxx",
  "author": "xxx", "version": "1.1",
  "options_page": "options.html",
  "background": {
    "scripts": ["jquery-3.3.1.min.js","background.js"], "persistent": true
  "permissions": [

  "offline_enabled": true,
  "browser_action": {
      "default_title": "xxx",
      "default_popup": "popup.html",
      "default_icon": "32.png"
  "manifest_version": 2

Background script:

    "type": "basic",
    "title": "Test",
    "iconUrl": "48.png",
    "message": "This is a test"
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    What's the Edge browser version? From this article, it seems that the notifications.create() method support Edge 17+, please check your Edge browser version, make sure it achieves the requirement. – Zhi Lv - MSFT Apr 8 at 9:50
  • that might be it then. I have Edge 41, but EdgeHTML 16. – Michael Rudd Apr 8 at 11:51

Based on your description, first, you could try to upgrade the Edge browser to the latest version, then, try to use the browser.notifications.create method.

But, in my opinion, I prefer to display the notification using the Web Notifications API, you could check this article.

  • you can use that API with extensions? I tried using it at one point with my extension and didn't work -- i thought it was only for web pages. maybe i can take another crack at it. also, unfortunately company group policy dictates browser version and we haven't upgraded to that version yet, so i may just have to hold tight for now on using the create property. thanks! – Michael Rudd Apr 10 at 12:15

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