I am trying to get a federated user access to AWS API using PowerShell. (Link provided below)

AWS is properly configured to work with AD. (It works for bunch of my colleagues)

I am using PowerShell script to access the AWS API's.

The problem occurs when I try to run the command Set-AWSSamlRoleProfile.


C:\Windows\system32> Set-AWSSamlRoleProfile -EndpointName $EndpointName -PrincipalARN $PrincipalARN -RoleARN $RoleARN -StoreAs 'SAMLUser' > $null

Set-AWSSamlRoleProfile : Unable to set credentials: "choices" should have at least one element.

At line:1 char:1

+ Set-AWSSamlRoleProfile -EndpointName $EndpointName -PrincipalARN $Pri ...

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (Amazon.PowerShe...leProfileCmdlet:SetSamlRoleProfileCmdlet) [Set-AWSSamlRoleProfile], ArgumentException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ArgumentException,Amazon.PowerShell.Common.SetSamlRoleProfileCmdlet

Any help or guidance appreciated.

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