I'm making an arithmetical expression interpreter in Ada.

Example input: "ADD a b;ADD b c;PRN c;SUB c a;PRN c;"

I have a long code, so I dont want to copy all of that, instead I try to explain the short piece of that, where I have got the error.

's' is a State, represented by a record, with the field 'Size' and an array, called Expressions. An expression is represented by a record, with the fields: Op (enum type), LHS and RHS(Characters).
The function notSpaceLinSearch finds the index of the first element in the input string that is not a space.

So my question is, why the error could be raised, and why just in the 5th time of index referring?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

while loopIndex <= numOfExpressions loop
         s.Size := s.Size + 1;
         notSpaceLinSearch(charArray, ' ', contains, notSpaceIndex);
         foundChar := charArray(notSpaceIndex);
         case foundChar is
            when 'A' => s.Expressions(s.Size).Op := ADD;
            when 'S' => s.Expressions(s.Size).Op := SUB;
            when 'M' => s.Expressions(s.Size).Op := MUL;
            when 'P' => s.Expressions(s.Size).Op := PRN;
            when 'I' => s.Expressions(s.Size).Op := INI; -- raised CONSTRAINT_ERROR .... index check failed
            when others => null;
         end case;
end loop;
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    If the index check failed, the index (s.Size) wasn’t within the bounds of s.Expressions. And, maybe you need to consider that default null in the case statement given that you’ve incremented s.Size unconditionally. – Simon Wright Apr 7 at 15:39
  • You may want to use Ada.Containers.Vectors instead of an array since you won't know the required size of the array beforehand; you can append to a Vector and it provides a Length function, making it a possible replacement for your array/size combo. – flyx Apr 8 at 8:59

Thanks for the answers, the problem was the wrong inicialization of the Expressions array. (N-1 instead of N).

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