Literally out of the blue, I've started getting the following console message when i run npm run dev

[8492:0407/121603.977907:ERROR:CONSOLE(7830)] "Extension server error: Object not found: <top>", source: chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/shell.js (7830)

and my Electron Vue application doesn't finish loading, i just get a white screen. I've read around for several hours on the subject but found nothing that solves the problem.

I'm running on Ubuntu 16; To be honest, I don't know what other details would be useful; Everything was behaving perfectly, then it simply wasn't...

I'm using the boilerplate at: https://github.com/SimulatedGREG/electron-vue

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Accroding to this issue,in index.dev.js

- require('electron-debug')({ showDevTools: true });
+ // Don't open dev tools with this, it is causing the error
+ require('electron-debug')();

in index.js

+  // Open dev tools initially when in development mode
+  if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "development") {
+    mainWindow.webContents.on("did-frame-finish-load", () => {
+      mainWindow.webContents.once("devtools-opened", () => {
+        mainWindow.focus();
+      });
+      mainWindow.webContents.openDevTools();
+    });
+  }
  • This also fixed a similar problem in non-Vue Electron apps. When my error occured, most of the React app still loads.
    – Nyxynyx
    May 4, 2020 at 1:59

I got the same problem and do not know why,but I think it's the devtool's problem,so I remove the index.dev.js and it just be solved


Probably you have created multiple live expressions in chrome console by pressing the eye icon and left them empty. Live expressions are used to track a variable's value for debugging purposes.

enter image description here

This happens usually when you try to clean up the console output.

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