My program is writing URL-encoded strings into a text file like this one.


However, I'm trying to reverse the process by opening the same file and breaking that file up in a manner that I can retrieve into name/value-like pairs.

' Final Challenge Category
    Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader("./Game" + nudGameNo.Value.ToString() + "/Final/category.txt")
    strLine = WebUtility.UrlDecode(sr.ReadLine)

The closest function that I can find to help is HttpUtility.ParseQueryString but I can't seem to run it in a WinForms application. (Even if I use Imports System.Web)

I've also tried to do a .Split with & being the separator, however problems start up if a particular value contains an & of it's own.

Is it possible to break this form of string up?

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    Did you add a reference to the System.Web.dll assembly (project reference)? – Jimi Apr 7 at 17:41
  • Since your program is writing the file, can you use a different deliminator that does not appear anywhere else in the file? – Mary Apr 7 at 17:42
  • @Mary Unfortunately I cannot, it must be the & delimiter. (The output is being used by another program that I do not have the ability to change.) – Paul Williams Apr 7 at 17:44
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    @Jimi That resolved the issue for me. – Paul Williams Apr 7 at 18:22

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