Is it possible to avoid creating temporary scalars when returning multiple arrays from a function:

use v6;
sub func() {
    my @a = 1..3;
    my @b = 5..10;
    return @a, @b;
my ($x, $y) = func();
my @x := $x;  
my @y := $y;
say "x: ", @x;  # OUTPUT: x: [1 2 3]
say "y: ", @y;  # OUTPUT: y: [5 6 7 8 9 10]

I would like to avoid creating the temporary variables $x and $y. Note: It is not possible to replace the function call with

my (@x, @y) = func()

since assignment of a list to an Array is eager and therefore both the returned arrays end up in @x.


Not either of:

my ($x, $y) = func();
my (@x, @y) = func();

But instead:

my (@x, @y) := func();

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