How can I show custom labels permanently in a Chart.JS doughnut chart using chartjs-plugin-datalabels?

The example looks now like this:

enter image description here

Under https://chartjs-plugin-datalabels.netlify.com/guide/formatting.html#data-transformation, I found that the following code should change the labels to custom formatting:

formatter: function(value, context) {
    return context.dataIndex + ': ' + Math.round(value*100) + '%';

Why doesn't this work in the example fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/o4kyt69j/1/?


Okay, I didn't read properly...

Here's the solution: https://jsfiddle.net/o4kyt69j/2/

The code should be:

options: {
    plugins: {
        datalabels: {
            formatter: function(value) {
                return value + " kWh";
  • Remember to use this only with Chart.JS versions > 2.7.0 (Another mistake I made before). – FranzHuber23 Apr 8 at 9:15

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