I've got a problem with ComboEdit on Android. I need add item to ComboEdit.Items in OnPopup event, but my item is visible after second shows popup. How refresh Items in OnPopup event?

procedure TForm1.ComboEditPopup(Sender: TObject);
    ComboEdit1.Items.Add('MyItem'); // this item will by visible at next popup

What I want achieve: Items: 'Aaa', 'Bla', 'Ble', 'Dee'. User writes 'Bl'. When he pushes Popup, ComboEdit will show him items: 'Bla', 'Ble' .

My currently code:

ComboEdit : TComboEdit;
Items : TStringList; // around 1000 strings

    procedure TForm1.ComboEdit1Typing(Sender: TObject);
        i : integer;

        for i := 0 to Items.Count-1 do
          if AnsiStartsText(ComboEdit.Text,Items[i]) then

  • @TomBrunberg, I'm trying to search after entering the first characters. I don't do this in OnTyping becouse it's too slowly. – Nieznany Apr 8 at 16:54
  • Sorry for my English. If the user presses Popup, ComboEdit will show items only which start with ComboEdit.Text. – Nieznany Apr 8 at 18:25
  • The OnPopup() event is too late to modify the Items list. But you can use OnTyping() event to modify the Items list according to what user is typing. You will want to have the complete list stored somewhere else, though. That way, when the user pushes popup the list is already filtered. – Tom Brunberg Apr 8 at 18:58
  • I know, but if list has around 1000 items, searching is slow. So, i must do it otherwise. Thank You :) – Nieznany Apr 8 at 19:16
  • I believe you are doing something wrong if you say it is too slow. But then again, without seeing the relevant code of yours, I might be wrong. Traversing an array with 1000 strings and adding some of them to the ComboEdit items can not really be so slow. – Tom Brunberg Apr 8 at 19:20

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