It appears that my "old" way of constructing multipart bodies no longer works with versions of httpclient > 4.4.5.

Fair enough, so I looked around a bit and it appears that the "right" way to build multipart bodies now is with the MultipartEntityBuilder.

However, I don't see any way to provide additional headers (content-id, content-disposition, content-description, etc.) for the individual parts when using the MultipartEntityBuilder.

What am I overlooking?

  • In the EXPath HTTP Client, I decided to serialise the request entity content myself in case of multipart, for no support of pseudo headers. You might find the following useful: github.com/fgeorges/expath-http-client-java/blob/master/… – Florent Georges Apr 10 at 14:53
  • I was doing something similar. It fails with 4.4.6 or later because of a narrower check on the content type header. But perhaps you're setting the content-type header directly and not calling some .setContentType method. I'll give that a try. AFAICT, the new httpmime library is solely focused on form submission. – Norm Apr 10 at 16:08

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