I am new to iPhone development. I am building an app by using Xcode but now would like to disable a button. How is this possible?

myButton.enabled = NO;

Via code:

myButton.enabled = NO;

If you're using interface builder there's an "enabled" option.


If you are looking for a Swift 3.0 solution:

button.isEnabled = false

button.enabled = NO;

you can set the button property to no and if interface builder you can uncheck the property

 button.enabled = true; 

this will ENABLE the button

button.enabled = false;

this will DISABLE the button. If you want to hide the button you can do this

button.alpha = 0.0;

and if you want to show the button once more you can do this.

button.alpha = 1.0

Hope this helps! :)

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