I want to record and automate tests using AccessibilityService, but not successful with hybrid apps as I am only getting TYPE_WINDOW_CONTENT_CHANGED and SCROLL events.

I have set following values in config xml file



public void onAccessibilityEvent(AccessibilityEvent event) {

            Log.d(TAG, " Event Received CharSequence text" + (event == null ? "null event id" :

I am expecting is there any way to get TYPE_VIEW_CLICKED, TYPE_VIEW_FOCUSED events on WebView similar to native apps?


The current version of WebView has some optimizations in it that reduce the events it sends under particular conditions. I believe if you get the AccessibilityNodeInfo for the WebView, that triggers it to send additional events.

  • I didn't understand, How we can use AccessiblityNodeInfo to send additional events? Can you please provide some code? – abhishek pant Apr 10 at 5:18

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