I want to add a validation to an Apostrohe input field. Suppose I have an input field of type string and i want apostrophe to throw an error if the user had entered some specific text(say hi)

Kindly help


In Apostrophe you can create your own field types, which is useful for these kind of project-specific requirements. These custom field types can have their own validation and sanitization methods and requirements.

The documentation outlines what is needed to write your own field here https://docs.apostrophecms.org/apostrophe/tutorials/intermediate/custom-schema-field-types

Since you're not creating a new UI (you're borrowing from the existing string field type) I would use the string field type as a guide in the source. https://github.com/apostrophecms/apostrophe/blob/master/lib/modules/apostrophe-schemas/index.js#L1089

Use the errors it throws for min and max as your guide for throwing errors.

If you have specific issues down the road please follow up!

  • Thanks a lot for the response Stuart, As u mentioned i just need to extend the existing string from the schema and add a validation. In the example provided above(second one) are we completely writing a new schema?. Im asking this because i could see every object rewritten inside the guide. Or is there any way just to override the string,modify self.error and accomodate the change. – Vinu Apr 10 at 5:56

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