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Following method signature:

public void doSomeStuff(Foo ... names){


now assume that I have a List<String> names which I want to convert to Foos which I then can pass into doSomeStuff().

As it would be pretty convenient to have a method create all the Foos, I thought about implementing a method as following:

public Foo[] createFoos(List<String> names){
    Foo[] foos = new Foo[names.size()];
    //create all the Foo's and pass them into array
    return foos;

in the end I would like to have this kind of code (I have a few Foos from other sources available or they do require special treatment):

doSomeStuff(foo1, foo2, createFoos(names));

So the question is, is it possible to implement a method (createFoos()) which returns an object that is accepted by a method with the Foo ... names signature, and if so, how would one go about it?

I am sorry if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find anything regarding this topic


As I just realized, the requirements are a bit different. Sorry about the confusion. Updated the method call.

The crucial part is that I need to pass in a few Foos which are from other sources/not created by createFoos() method as well

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  • "Sadly, Foo[] is not an return type which is accepted by Foo ... names" Yes it is – Michael Apr 9 at 11:54
  • "Sadly, Foo[] is not an return type which is accepted by Foo ... names": that is not correct. Arrays are valid arguments for var-arg parameters. Did you actually try it? – ernest_k Apr 9 at 11:54
  • I updated the requirements. I forgot a very crucial part – XtremeBaumer Apr 9 at 11:55

Move those extra foo1 and foo2 into the createFoos method

public Foo[] createFoos(List<String> names, Foo... extraFoos){
    Foo[] foos = new Foo[names.size() + extraFoos.length];
    //create all the Foo's and pass them into array
    return foos;

Call it like so

doSomeStuff(createFoos(names, foo1, foo2));

Alternatively, return a list and then append to it, then finally turn it into an array.

public List<Foo> createFoos(List<String> names){
    List<Foo> foos = new ArrayList<>();
    //create all the Foo's and pass them into array
    return foos;


List<Foo> foos = createFoos(names);
doSomeStuff(foos.toArray(new Foo[0]));
  • I managed to completely clean up my code (still not best, but much better) with the help of this answer. In the end I created another method which would simply convert my existing Foos into a List<Foo>. – XtremeBaumer Apr 9 at 12:13

You can Also change the return type of the createFoos() method to List and convert the array into List by using Arrays class method Arrays.asList()

public List<string> createFoos(List<String> names){
    Foo[] foos = new Foo[names.size()];
    //convert Array into List 
   List<String> foosList = (List<String>) Arrays.asList(foos);
    return foosList;

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