how is it possible that the sourceof a process model only creates the agents out of a population and in best case at once? In my model the source is creating more agents than the size of the population. thx in advance

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Using a Source it is not possible to output already existing Agents of a population from it, as the source is always creating them at the time of output.

You have two possibilities:

  1. Instead of a Source, use the Process Modelling element Enter at the start of your process flow. Using the function enter.take(myPopulation.get(index)) you can input your already existing population members. This way you can also input them "at once".
  2. In the Source properties under Advanced - Population select your custom population. Whenever the source creates a new Agent, it will get added to this population. Note: The Agent type of the population must be the same as the Agent type defined in the Source.

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