I would like to create a Windows application in Delphi 10 enabled to receive push notifications.

I have seen that in Delphi 10 there is the BaaS provider to which to hook services like Kinvey, Parse, EMS. But I found serious problems, too many to summarize them here. I have seen that Windows 10 can receive push notifications like in the Pushsafer client. In this case it is a question of developing a UWP App. Delphi 10 (Tokyo) allows you to create a UWP App but it's a dark world for me. I have looked for examples by sea and by mountains but it seems that it is not a very treated subject. The question then is how to create a UWP App in Delphi enabled to receive Push notifications from Pushsafer or WNS?

  • You never know! – Daniele Apr 11 '19 at 7:32

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