Why are version 1,2 and 3 working, but version 4 fails with: Null regex not allowed when using // over multiple lines?

say Nil         //
    try {'a'++} //

say    Nil
    // try {'a'++} //

say   Nil
   // 3;

#Fails with: Null regex not allowed
say        Nil
        // try {'a'++}
        // 4;

There is try block at the end of a line. It is same as

say        Nil
    // try {'a'++};
    // 4;

See documentation: It is OK to skip the semicolon between the last statement in a block and the closing }.

You can try

say        Nil
    // try {'a'++}\
    // 4;


say        Nil
    // (try {'a'++})
    // 4;

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