I am new to maven. I have product structure as following


The maven release plugin is defined at the company level of pom.xml file which is parent of myWebProduct. It has set release plugin run default goals of deploy and default preparationGoals clean verify install.

I want to release product in myWebProduct level which works fine except I would like to skip release the htmlTestModule. Because deploy life cycle on htmlTestModule will cause deployment of war file to remote Tomcat servers and I don’t want this happening during release.

I tried to add following in pom.xml of the htmlTestModule.

    <preparationGoals>clean validate</preparationGoals>

But when running 'mvn release:perform' at myWebProduct. I have seen the deploy goal was still executed on htmlTestModule. Could anyone help with this?

And I also tried following on htmlTestModule:


Still, the deploy goal always executed in htmlTestModule. Thanks


I think you're taking the wrong approach here. Let me explain.

The deploy phase of maven is not meant to mean deploy to a remote server or anything like this. This is meant to be deploy to a remote repository.

Hence I believe you shouldn't try to skip the deploy phase in your module, but un-tie the deployment to a remote Tomcat server from the deploy phase, by making it a specific goal for example.

  • Thanks for you reply. I had tied my deploy war file to remort tomcat server at prepare-package-phase since my test goal depends on that. What is your suggestion for this kind testing package? – user639812 Apr 7 '11 at 16:23
  • Well it all depends but my general rule is that my build should be self contained, including (integration) testing. So I'd look in deploying in a local (to the build) Tomcat instance (using the Cargo or Tomcat plugin for example) and test there. This way your build doesn't depend on any external resource that needs a specific configuration. If that takes too much time to run for releases, then I suggest you find a way to just skip the testing on the tomcat instance, but not the full deploy phase. Also the best phase for this testing is probably the integration-test phase. HTH. – SaM Apr 9 '11 at 7:25

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