I defined a CrawlerTimeoutException that is inherited from task exception, when I throw it in my code, I can't catch it in the main thread, the code is below:

    Random rand = new Random();
    await Task.Delay(rand.Next(300, 1000));     //sims clicks
    var webcontent = await task.Crawl().Timeout(timeout);
catch (CrawlerTimeoutException)
   //do something       
catch (Exception exp)
   //do something

I threw the CrawlerTimeoutException in function task.Crawl().Timeout(timeout);
the code is below:

public static Task<T> Timeout<T>(this Task<T> task, int millisecondsTimeout)
    return Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
        bool succ = task.Wait(millisecondsTimeout);
        if (succ)
            return task.Result;
            throw new CrawlerTimeoutException("Task timeout");//here is the error

when it times out, it will throw an exception, but the program will crash because it says: there is an exception that user-unhandled.
I don't know the reason, because I catch it in the main thread twice, but still, don't catch it.
If you know the reason, please tell me! thanks so much!

  • I just replaced the Task.Factory.StartNew() by Task.run() in Timeout function following this, but it didn't work for my program. – Lisa.chen Apr 10 '19 at 4:03
  • Are you just trying to timeout crawl? if so can you paste your Crawl Method – AAAbbbCCCddd Apr 10 '19 at 4:11
  • The throw/catch parts of the code look fine to me. Have you tried running it outside the debugger? – Stephen Cleary Apr 10 '19 at 13:25

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