Using Autohotkey, I Looking at AHK Document.

My File that i want to read type is CSV, so i testing Example 4

enter image description here

This is my CSV file. 2 Row, some column.

So, If open file, data will read comma by comma, and line by line. right?


enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

It is Printed answer.

What the freaking this situation?

Why AHK CSV Parse is not cutting data line by line?

Need Some help : <

P.S : Code is same as Example 4.

Loop, Parse, PositionData, CSV
MsgBox, 4, , Field %LineNumber%-%A_Index% is:`n%A_LoopField%`n`nContinue?
IfMsgBox, No, break 

I found.

If CSV Reading in AHK, You must read Line by Line...

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