I am trying to implement cqrs to my system and How can i register Generic collection in simple injector? When i trying what i run my code i got exception Please use one of the other overloads to register this type.

public class Ioc
      public static SimpleInjector.Container Container;

      static Ioc()
          Container = new SimpleInjector.Container();

          Container.Register<IHandleEvent, Handler>(Lifestyle.Transient);
          Container.Register<ICommandsBus, CommandsBus(Lifestyle.Transient);
          Container.Register<IEventsBus, EventsBus>(Lifestyle.Transient);
          Container.Register<Func<Type, IEnumerable<IHandleEvent>>> (Lifestyle.Transient);

//Without any Conatiner working

List<Handler> handlers = new List<Handler>();
          Handler handler = new Handler();
          Func<Type, IEnumerable<IHandleEvent>> func = f => handlers;
          EventsBus eventsBus = new EventsBus(func);
          eventsBus.Publish(new User { Id = 1, Login = "Test" });

// I want something like this
 var bus = Ioc.Container.GetInstance<IEventsBus>();
          bus.Publish(new User { Id = 1, Login = "tt" });

  • Please explain what it is you are trying to achieve. Do you want to register a collection of IHandleEvent implementations? And if so, who do you wish to determine which IHandleEvent implementation handles which type of event? You are publishing User, but which handler should handle that? – Steven Apr 10 at 9:14

if your handlers are generics you can try add them with the following logic, firstly get them with GetTypesToRegister and then register as a collection

  // assemblies - assemblies with your handlers 

var notificationHandlerTypes = 
    Container.GetTypesToRegister(typeof(IHandleEvent<>), assemblies, new 
            IncludeGenericTypeDefinitions = true,
            IncludeComposites = false,
Container.Collection.Register(typeof(IHandleEvent<>), notificationHandlerTypes);
  • Your registration can be simplified to Container.Collection.Register(typeof(IHandleEvent<>), assemblies); (with the difference that generic type definitions will not be registered, but that would typically not be a problem). – Steven Apr 10 at 9:15

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