I've built a PWA using Ionic 4 that had a "Contact" Button with a simple href using the 'mailto:' scheme.

<a href="mailto:example@gmail.com">Contact</a>

This used to open the native Mail app in iOS 12.1 when starting the PWA from homescreen. Since I updated to iOS 12.2 it just opens the PWA internal Safari with a message that Safari can't open links starting with 'mailto:'

I have tried using other URI schemes like 'instagram:' or 'message:' but they all lead to the same problem. The only one that I have found to still be functional when I start my PWA from homescreen is the 'tel:' scheme.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and has any idea how to still open URI schemes other than tel: from a PWA that has been opened from homescreen?


I have a PWA which is installed on iOS 12.2, my link uses target="_blank" and it works. Did you try this ?

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  • I just tried this and I can confirm that it partly works. It does not work on a button, but with a simple <a> tag it opens the native Mail app. However, when I do this I am stuck in an empty browser page whenever I open my PWA, which I can not get out of unless I remove it from the home screen and add it again. Do you have any pointers on how you implemented it to avoid this behaviour? – Tobias Apr 11 at 8:58
  • 1
    Your answer pointed me in the right direction, so I'll accept it as the correct answer. When I add a click function using window.location.href it works just like before updating to iOS 12.2. window.location.href = 'mailto:example@gmail.com'; Thanks for your help! – Tobias Apr 11 at 9:14

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