I am trying to run my UnetStack simulation script using command line. My simulation file is in the sample folder, and I open a terminal window in the unet folder (where README.txt exists). I followed the README.txt instructions, and I tried to run other simulations script from the sample folder, but I always get the following error:

ERROR: UnetStack libraries missing...

However, everything works well if I run the simulation using IDE. I will be grateful if you help sort out this problem, so I run the simulation through command line.

I tried to run the simulation script using command line. I followed README. txt instructions, but it didn't work.

I tried this: bin/unet samples/super-tdma/e3-network.groovy and many other simulation scripts.

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    What OS are you running on? – Mandar Chitre May 4 '19 at 22:39

This is to make sure that my question has been posted, as I can't see it within the listed questions.

  • You missed tagging the question with a unetstack tag. I've proposed an edit to add the tag. – Mandar Chitre May 4 '19 at 22:37

You can use v1.3 or In v1.4, Copy all the Items from the folder "UnetID" to the "root folder", then run the simulation.

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