Is there an AsciiDoc editor (for linux) with a panel where the current open document is parsed and its structure is shown, so that I can jump there and there in large documents ?

Note: I'm not asking an opinion (e.g. what's best), but simply which (if any) editor have this exact feature.

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The Atom editor supports AsciiDoc outlines through the document-outline package. There is currently an open issue to get it installed by default when one install the meta-package asciidoc-assistant, but for now one has to install it manually.

Also, an other editor that support outlines is ASciiDocFx.


VS Code 1.25 and above supports AsciiDoc outlines when you have the better-asciidoctor-vscode extension installed. Details about the extension:

Details about VS Code Outline View, which is displayed at the bottom of the VS Code explorer:

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