I have a workbook with 20 different pivot tables that are a copy of each other. They all reference the same data source. Each pivot table has a filter showing the same data for each store location , thus the need for 20 copies of the same table.

If I update the underlying data source for one pivot table, will it automatically update the data source for each copy of the pivot table? Or will I have to go in and manually change the data source on each individual pivot table? Thank you !

  • Unless each pivot table is using the same pivot cache -- this depends on how you created each of them -- then the answer is likely against an automatic (and unattended) update of all the pivot tables. There is a "Refresh All" command on the Data ribbon, which might update all tables if they're on the same worksheet. There are some VBA solutions that can turn this into an "automatic" refresh if you're willing to go that route. – PeterT Apr 10 at 20:44

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