I m trying to get SUM of two numbers by following following logic: x = y + j based on this logic I wrote presto query using SUM() function in order to get SUM of x and y but I got Presto syntax error

        WHEN source = 'x' THEN num_tasks
        ELSE 0 
    END) + sum(CASE WHEN source = 'y' THEN num_tasks ELSE 0  END)) as total

Error notice Presto query failed. Error: SYNTAX_ERROR: Cannot nest aggregations inside aggregation 'sum': ["sum"((CASE WHEN (source = 'y') THEN count ELSE 0 END)), "sum"((CASE WHEN (source = 'x') THEN num_tasks ELSE 0 END))]

  • It looks like you can't use Sum within Sum the way you want according to the SQL documentation. Instead, try something like SUM(SELECT FIELD_1, FIELD_2 from TABLE_1, TABLE_2). Then you can pull back the columns you want to sum up all at once – Michael Platt Apr 10 '19 at 17:44

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but I think the following changes may help:

  • Use an IN statement in CASE WHEN: source in ('x', 'y')
  • Use IF instead of CASE: if(source in ('x', 'y'), num_tasks, 0)
  • I believe you only need one SUM call.

Putting this all together:

SELECT SUM(if(source in ('x', 'y'), num_tasks, 0))

Alternatively, you can use the SUM with FILTER syntax:

SELECT SUM(num_tasks) filter (where source in ('x', 'y'))

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