My code is fairly simple. I'm using the library over at https://github.com/stomp-php/stomp-php, and try to read messages from an Artemis queue. It's just a simple $stomp->read();.

Expected behaviour:

  • I get one message from the queue, or get told that there are no messages in the queue

What is happening:

  • The read method throws an exception (see below)
  • When we don't connect using SSL, with a basic TCP connection, without a certificate, everything works perfectly fine. It happens only when we connect with the ssl scheme, the SSL port, with the certificate.

The exception is: Was not possible to read data from stream., thrown in [stomp-php directory]/src/Network/Connection.php line 473.

Here is the context for the stream connection:

  peer_name: '[censored]'
  cafile: '[censored certificate path].cer'

The certificate file exists and is read correctly (since when I change the path there's an exception thrown even before trying to send a message). The peer name is also correct, since another one triggers another error telling me that the peer name is incorrect.

My test is simple: I have a file that sends the messages, and a file that reads them. The sending always works when I don't subscribe to the queue. The reading is kinda messy.

New information: the reading seems to work when I remove 5 specific messages from the sending. That means if I send one of those 5, the reading throws the exception. If there are only the other messages but none of these 5, the reading works great. I would assume that the messages are in cause, but again, when I'm not connecting using SSL, everything works correctly.

New information again: every message that I have to not send in order to not have an error has a big amount of lines. I tried to send one of them again and remove every node but one from its content (XML): it worked correctly. So I tried with ~900 nodes: error. ~200 nodes: error. ~130 nodes: sometimes error. ~80 nodes: working.

SSL has troubles with large messages?

New information again again: I tried var_dumping the result of the fread call in the library. When the error occurs, the result is an empty string (''). From what I read in the doc, fread returns false on failure, and empty string on timeout. It would make sense with the "New information again" bloc, in which we discovered that large messages are causing the problem.

I tried stream_set_timeout() with 60 seconds, I tried to send a heartbeat manually, I tried setting it with the lib, I tried changing the timeouts with the lib and I tried increasing the maxReadBytes. Nothing worked so far. Still the same behaviour.

  • Can you provide your ActiveMQ Artemis configuration details? Were there any exceptions in the broker log? – Justin Bertram Apr 10 at 19:13
  • I don't have access to that unfortunately :/ – Yann Bergonzat Apr 10 at 19:14
  • I edited the message, it's a lot different now. I noticed the error wasn't when I tried to send messages but when I tried to read what's in the queue. – Yann Bergonzat Apr 10 at 21:52
  • Could you capture the incoming/outgoing STOMP frames? With that the behavior could potentially be reproduced in a unit test or something. – Justin Bertram Apr 10 at 22:19
  • @JustinBertram There you go! pastebin.com/W3xAyJWR – Yann Bergonzat Apr 11 at 15:15

Fixed by reverting stomp-php library to version 4.3.1 :(

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